On March 24, 2019, teachers Spasice Nikolovska and Isnisha Salioski from the satellite school “Nikola Karev” v. Borino, with students of second grade carried out activities from the monthly topic Water Transportation as part of the Traffic section of the Annual Program for extracurricular intercultural activities.

For the realization of this activity, the students worked divided into three groups where they made: a water surface, according to a given recipe (mixing gelatin with water and blue color), paper boats in different colors and flags from different nations in the world. At the end, all the groups compiled a whole composition, flags were attached to the boats, and the boats were put to float through the water.

The aims of the activity are: to develop the students’ curiosity and interest about water traffic, to encourage children’s fantasy and creativity when shaping water vehicles, to support constructive cooperative relations in carrying out group tasks as well as to sensitize children about possible sources of danger in water traffic.