On March 6, 2019, teacher’s tandem Jagoda Dimovska and Izet Jusufi with students of the sixth and seventh grade carried out activities from the section Get to know Macedonia of the Annual program for extracurricular intercultural activities.

The activities started with an introductory game, followed by a discussion about the Macedonian and Albanian traditions in terms of traditional songs and also what kind of songs are sung in certain events, several famous traditional Macedonian and Albanian songs were listed. Two songs were singled out as more popular: “Makedonsko devojche” and “Mora rrugë kah Manastiri” which the students learned and sang. In the concluding part of the activities, the students danced traditional Macedonian and Albanian dances to the aforementioned songs.

The objectives of the activities are: to promote love towards homeland, as well as to respect the cultural diversity in the Republic of Macedonia, to deepen the students’ interest in researching about folk music heritage of several ethnic groups in the Republic of Macedonia as well as to develop a tolerant and cosmopolitan view and spirit towards diversity of a linguistic, ethnic, religious, cultural character.