During February 2019, the teachers Gabriela Merdzanoska and Nahigian Snopche together with the students from the second grade carried out activities from the monthly topic “Aesop’s Fables” from the Drama section of the Annual program for intercultural extracurricular activities.

In order to get acquainted with the daily activity, students watched videos without sound, while teachers explained the meaning of the word Fable and the content of the fable The Fox and the Crow. Afterwards, the students in groups composed a puzzle, colored characters from the fable, made a poster and masks. They also played games and performed a puppet theater with the masks they created.

The aims of the activities are: mutual cooperation and help through carrying out joint activities, developing a sense of joy and pleasure in the realization of the extracurricular games, developing a habit of active listening and respecting the interlocutors, as well as sensitizing the students for recognizing positive and negative moral traits in humans.