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Programs for teachers

Since 2008, Nansen Dialogue Centre Skopje has been organizing theoretic and practical trainings and workshops for teachers and professors from the primary and secondary schools that work as direct implementers of the annual programs for integrated extracurricular activities according to the Nansen model for integrated education.

Due to the lack of professional cadre that can work on the implementation of programs for integrated education in multiethnic schools, NDC Skopje in partnership with the Ministry for Education and Science of R. of Macedonia established the first Training Centre for Intercultural Education in June, 2012.

The Training Center for Intercultural education offers theoretical and practical training on the Nansen model for intercultural education that will enable all the implementers and promoters of the model to get acquainted with the characteristics, acquisitions and benefits of this model of education as well as gain the necessary skills for the direct implementation in the schools with multi ethnic structure of students. Local and international experts from the field of integrated education are engaged in the Training Centre, distinguished university professors from Macedonia as well as trainers from the Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education and the Nansen Academy from Norway.

Besides the Training Centre services for the teachers, the expert team for education, training and development within NDC Skopje is responsible for drafting the Annual programs for integrated extracurricular activities, training curricula’s, manuals for teachers, parents etc., whereas the team for observation and support provides the necessary expertise, mentoring and professional consultations. The team for evaluation ensures the proper evaluation of the successful implementation of all program aspects.

Didactical packages for implementers of annual programs for intercultural extracurricular activities

The Team for education within NDC Skopje has drafted special didactical packages (handbooks) created as a collection of useful resources, content, links, created in order to serve as additional support and assistance in the process of planning, organizing and implementation of extracurricular activities in accordance with the annual programs for integrated extracurricular activities within the Nansen model for integrated education project.
The didactical handbook is intended to be a guide for the teachers, offering more specific models, examples of various activities (within multiple sections), examples of worksheets, sources of audio-visual materials that extracurricular activities would gain dynamics, diversity and would avoid the risk of repeatability and predictability.

Offering this material, NDC Skopje Team for education has facilitated the process of discovering useful didactic and methodic resources in order to provide high quality extracurricular activities as a supplement to the Annual programs for integrated extracurricular activities as a core pillar of the Nansen model for integrated education

The didactical packages are presented to the teachers that work in the direct implementation of the integrated extracurricular activities as a supplement to the Annual Programs for integrated extracurricular activities, i.e.;

  • Didactical handbooks for primary school
  • Didactical handbooks for secondary school

The didactical packages also tend to encourage teachers creativity and inventiveness by which they will enrich the overall extracurricular content.

The images of the students are published upon obtaining consent from their parents/guardians.