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Programs for parents

Parents who take on a supportive role in their child’s learning make a difference in improving achievements and children’s behavior. The active involvement of parents in the school can help promote a learning community in which students can engage positively with school staff and their peers.

The schools that apply the Nansen model for integrated education have benefited from developing positive partnerships with parents by involving them in all decisions affecting their child’s education and learning. Engaging with parents offers the chance to understand the role that they play in all the phases of their child’s learning and development process.

In order to promote their role and active participation in the shaping of the school activities, each year Programs for cooperation with parents are prepared, which provide different forms of activities, with the purpose of a constructive cooperation on the relation: parents – school – expert team – school management, but also an open and flexible communication during the whole academic year.

The main goals of the programs are:

  • Promotion of the cooperation and confidence of the parents towards the school and the teachers’ staff;
  • Promotion of an active role of the parents in the creation, carrying out and evaluation of the regular teaching and extracurricular activities;
  • Strengthening the cooperation relations between the parents from different ethnic, religious, cultural background;
  • Increasing the life skills of the parents and creating habits for their continuous self-education;
  • Encouraging the self-confidence of the parents, as well the positive relation towards the community.

The Program for cooperation with parents sets for realization of several educational and creative workshops, which enable the active participation of parents in the careful monitoring of the overall children’s development and its phases, stadiums and specifics.

Besides the educational and creative workshops, there are also several other activities planned together with the parents, such are: open days, celebrations of birthdays in the school, joint celebration of religious holidays, joint realization of excursions, picnics, celebration of New Year, 8th of March, as well as the end of each academic year.

The images of the students are published upon obtaining consent from their parents/guardians.