During November 2018, teachers Teuta Bajram Muharem and Tatjana Stamatova together with their first grade students carried out extracurricular activities on the monthly topic: Autumn in my country, from the Eco Section of the Annual Program for extracurricular intercultural activities. These activities were consisted of different topics, such as: Autumn landscape, Forest animals and The flight of the autumn leaf.

On 15.11.2018 the activity on topic: Autumn landscape, was carried out. Its aim is students to be able to recognize natural changes in the season of autumn, to encourage the creative potential of students, to collaborate and function altogether in groups by working and modeling trees and landscapes with dried leaves.

On 23.11.2018 the extracurricular activity, on topic: Forest animals was carried out. The main goals of the activity were for students to get to know changes in flora and fauna, changes in nature during the season of autumn, to collaborate and respect other students in the group. During the activity, besides watching videos and discussing on forest animals, students also modeled masks of different forest animals, like: bear, fox, owl and rabbit, and used them to imitate their respective sounds/voices.

On 29.11.2018 another extracurricular activity was carried out, on topic: The flight of autumn leaves, which was a good opportunity for students to play games with dried leaves and at the same time to discuss how leaves dry and fall during the season of autumn. The main goal of the activity was for students to be aware about group drawing products, to recognize natural changes in the season of autumn, to cooperate, to respect group rules, and to learn how to agree with each other.