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NMIE in the primary school “Fridtjof Nansen” Preljubiste


Build on the successful implementation of the program “Dialogue and Reconciliation”, in September 2008, NDC Skopje has established the first integrated primary school in Macedonia, offering a new integrated model of education. The overall goal of this project was reintegration of ethnically divided schools through a new and contemporary education model. The primary school “Shemshovo”(Fridtjof Nansen) in Preljubishte is under the administration of the Central Primary School “Shemsovo” in the village of Shemsovo. The school has been named after the famous Norwegian diplomat Fridtjof Nansen due to the magnitude of Nansen’s achievements which have been recognized by awarding the Nobel Peace Prize.

The complete reconstruction and equipping of the school building was completed on October 15, 2008 when the school was officially open.

It is important to stress that the initial idea for an integrated school came from the local community which recognized the need for a better learning environment and education process for their children which should, at the same time, offer equal opportunities and access to high quality education and positively influence interethnic relations in the community.

Integrative approach to teaching is practiced through programs for the parents, students and teachers, whereas bilingualism is being used in the extracurricular activities which are being implemented on daily basis. The same principle of bilingualism is also practiced in the programs for the parents and the teachers. During the course of the schools existence and operation, NDC Skopje team has designed and successfully implemented the following program activities within the primary school “Fridtjof Nansen” in Preljubishte, Municipality of Jegunovce: Joint extracurricular activities for students on daily basis, capacity building trainings (for school teachers, directors, local municipal authorities) capacity building opportunities and annual programs for cooperation for parents, study visits to Norway etc. In addition, NDC team continues to provide mentoring and support to the schools at the same time supports the development of local expertise in the areas where the programs are implemented.

The project includes students, teachers and parents from the Macedonian and Albanian ethnic community.

About Municipality of Jegunovce

The annual programs for extracurricular activities drafted by NDC Skopje are implemented through a variety of sections for class teaching for primary school:

Class Teaching:

  • Art Section
  • Drama (theatre) section
  • Eco section
  • Ethno section
  • Traffic section
  • Mathematic section
  • Meet Macedonia
  • Little explorers
  • Little constructors
  • Peace and tolerance
  • Program for creative writing and expression

The main goals of the integrated extracurricular activities are:

  • To deepen the constructive cooperation relations between children from different ethnic communities,
  • To develop sense among the children about respecting mutual differences,
  • To overcome the stereotypes and prejudices, related to their ethnic, religious and cultural origin,
  • To resolve conflict situations in the group,
  • To develop a positive emotional climate in the group with heterogeneous ethnic structure, in order to maintain a high index of group cohesion,
  • To expand the active vocabulary of the students with terms and cultural and social phrases from the non-native language,
  • To strengthen the interaction, cooperation and confidence between the teachers and parents from both ethnic communities,
  • To develop the talents and abilities of the children in accordance with their individual potentials,
  • To support the curiosity and originality of the children, as well as their creative potentials,
  • To develop the logical, flexible, divergent and critical thinking of the children.


School staff and students included in the project

Burhan Ejupi
School Principal

Abibe Mustafi

Zirafete Shaqiri

Snezana Misajlovska

Elizabeta Stamenkovska


1st grade – academic year 2008/2009

Adi Shaqiri

Aleskandar Trpcheski

Aleksandra Jankovska

Andrijana Trpcheska

Angela Misajloska

Arta Jusufi

Blerand Shaqiri

Driton Fejzuli

Igor Tripunovski

Juled Mazlami

Katerina Trpevska

Marija Rafajlovska

Mirjana Miloshevska

Mihaela Stamenkoska

Mirushe Kavguri

Robert Marinkovski

Sara Emurli

Sara Simovska

Simona Misajlovska

Veton Samiu

Arsim Shaqiri

Kaltrina Ademi

Rilind Ademi

Xhengis Xhaferi


1st grade – academic year 2009/2010

Ahmed Rexhepi

Andrej Saveski

Zharko Trajcevski

Arti Rexhepi

Boban Ristovski

Despina Marinkovska

Drilon Nuhiu

Hamza Shaqiri

Lavdrim Asipi

Marija Gjorgjevska

David Markovski

Martin Edrovski

Mihaela Endrovska

Milan Petkovski

Nisa Shaqiri

Eleonora Simoska