November 13, 2014- In the presence of the Minister of Education and Science Mr. Abdilaqim Ademi, Advisor to the minister Mr. Safet Neziri, Mayor of Gostivar Mr. Nevzat Bejta, NDC Skopje together with the management of the PS Goce Delcev, marked the beginning of the Nansen model for integrated education within the school. The project will initially include two classes of third grade students (Macedonian and Albanian) with the aim of increasing the number of included classes in the project. The Nansen model activities will be carried out by the trained teachers who have received training scholarships from the NDC Skopje Training Centre. The project will be implemented through its three core components: integrated extracurricular activities for students, program for cooperation with parents and training program for teachers and school staff. The project will be implemented by NDC Skopje in partnership with Gostivar municipality for which an agreement for cooperation was signed in August, 2014.