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Nansen Model for Intercultural Education

Stories with animals

On April 6 and 12, 2018, teachers Todorka Krajceska and Seide Neziri realized the activity “Cat in boots”. The objectives of the activity were:

  • Encouraging mutual respect and cooperation among the students;
  • Developing sense of joy and pleasure in the realization of the extracurricular games;
  • Developing the habit of actively listening and respecting peers;
  • Expanding the active vocabulary in both languages (Macedonian and Albanian);
  • Overcoming certain types of prejudices related to some animals and their features;
  • Encouraging children’s interest in imitation and non-verbal expression;
  • Deepening of love and caring attitude towards animals.

“In the main part of the activity, the students work in three groups.
Group 1: A Story in a Circle. By turning around the drawing sheet, each child can write or draw something from the story (multiple times).
Group 2: Creating characters from the fable in spatula: the cat, the son, the king, the princess, the wizard (the lion, the mouse)
Group 3: Drawing in the coloring book Cat in boots.
Mascot dramatization is performed by volunteer students. Everyone speaks in their native language.” T. Trajkovska and S. Neziri